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doing it to make mitt romney look bad? >> i was making no connection to romney. >> it's like munchausen syndrome by political proxy. >> end of show. >> see you tomorrow. welcome to "red eye." aisle greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up, space jump. the first day to threaten when the franks orders the crew after a scaner shows in bound activity. and will president obama rebound from his poor debate when he faces mitt romney on tuesday? some say yes, but others say i'm sorry. i wasn't listening. can you repeat the question? nope. too late. and is a new chanel commercial with brad pitt the best ever? we report. you decide.
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frankly you can decide whatever you want, but yes, yes it is. dwreg? >> thanks, andy. >> have you been gone. any updates on the bus tour? >> a lot of interesting facts. here is my bus. as you know i am leaving november 28th to december 3rd. as you know i have a problem diet. i have a very sensitive stomach. it was very hard. i had to look for a special chef, and i got a guy whose name is carl callahan who is going to be in the bus cooking my meals. i think we have a tape of him. >> happy food, and it is entertaining. >> amazing you can get carl on short notice. >> he has been cooking for royalty. >> no. >> all right. bye.
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>> let's welcome our guest. she doubles as a steam cleaner. i am here with diane ma -- macedo. she is on very, very early. it is worth checking her out. and he is so sharp he sleeps in a block. his e book with will ron came outlast week. it is called "the lizard king." and in greece he is considered a kabob. and if hilarity was lotto winnings, i would blow him in atlantic city. siting next to me, he is an actor, a writer and comedian. michael ian black. he is the co author of the book "america you sexy [bleep]." please bleep that later. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> i felt something. he jumped from space and didn't land on his face. felix baumgartner if that is his real name made some news
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landing on his feet after a world record jump from over 128,000 feet above the earth which is something like two miles. the austrian daredevil, is there any other kind, set a bunch of records including highest manned balloon flight and highest parachute jump and the greatest free fall velocity perhaps reaching a max speed of 833.9 miles per hour or over mach1.2 making the first person going faster than the speed of sound. but he failed the record for longest free fall by 17 seconds. loser. while preparing for the mission baumgartner did several test jumps and worked with sports psychologist to overcome claws phobia and taped other jumps like this one.
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>> the woman in the corner actually then eats him. >> as it should be. >> yes, exactly. >> he worked for that jump. she deserves to eat him. >> that's the food chain. >> you were saying in the grown room, i was surprised. you actually watched this jump, and you said -- it is not really a big deal. you could have done it if you wanted to. >> well, the thing in you put me in that suit? you put me in that capsule and send me up, what is the big deal? you do the bunny hop. i do a bunny hop on an almost daily basis. i am known for my bunny hop. >> that is true. isn't he just a showoff? >> all this is is great -- is gravity doing its job. what would be more impressive is if he bunny hoped in the castle and then floated there. that would have been impressive. that would have been next level david blaine-type stuff. >> it would have been tragic for his family. >> she a baumgartner.
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he is a baumgartner. >> i happen to think he is a hero. it doesn't change the fact that red bull gives you a horrible after taste. if he could focus the last five years on the taste of red bull, it might have been a bigger achievement. >> maybe he would have been a real hero. we know how far and how fast he fell. i am curious to know how many explatives he had on the way down. we definitely would need to be on tape. how about you? eight million people watch this event on youtube which is an internet destination that a lot of people use if they have a computer or some sort of smart phone. >> it is an industry thing. >> will this change the way we -- look, i like how this is going. this is exciting stuff. >> it is exciting stuff. >> it is thought apparent. >> it is exciting. >> i think the world has changed forever. i consider myself something of an extreme athlete. i have done the stratosphere and i understand this is a personal achievement.
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it is like evil knievel jumping over cars. is it historic? i am not sure most people will remember it, even today. it will be long for the goen. >> i happen to think it is an amazing achievement. but i didn't know what happened. i was busy at the marriott buffet in san mateo and i had a selection of sausages. >> did they have turkey sausage? >> yes, turkey sausage. they had a spicy sausage and a sweet sausage. and there was a $20 buffet. so it was like you had a choice -- and they had an omelette station. >> slow down. >> repeat. >> but they had an omelette station. the omelettes, they were putting everything in the omelette. this is $20 in -- this is $20? and in low fat chocolate milk, you don't see that often. >> was this sponsored by red bull? >> it was sponsored ba. i want to get you into this, are there plans to recreate this jump maybe from the top of a tall building without a parasuit? >> you -- parachute?
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>> you would would like that plan and i wouldn't get a sponsorship deal. i would die and/or be crippled. this is fine. it is a great event. but don't convince me some scientific thing was achieved. we are learning about the suit and the extreme conditions they are in. like people are going to do this a lot. just call it what it was. red bull man may or may not go boom. that's the reason we watched it. no science was happening. it was a stunt. end game. >> it was like nascar going around 400 times. but they unraffled it so it was a straight line. and then they dropped him down the line. >> the next time somebody pushes you 128,000 feet above the earth, you can be glad they dumped the scientific experiment . >> it is not like he has a choice. he only has one way to get baying down. to get back down.
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>> if they started building something in 1960 like an escalator, by now we should have something. >> yes, we should. >> and if it travels at the speed of sound and you ran up it, you would break the sound barrier. >> am i the only one who is surprised 88 miles an hour is the speed of sound. you would think it was a lot quicker. you are hearing everything coming out of my mouth at a quick rate. >> but it is coming out of the other ear. >> are you confusing it with the speed of light. >> that's very quick. >> the speed of light is very fast. the speed of sound is nothing. absolutely nothing. >> that's why the achievement is not so great. if it was the speed of light it would be more great. >> no, and i said this before the show. he should have drilled down to chai new. >> you are saying he should have had a drill on his helmet? >> are you saying he is a coward for not attempting that? >> he would kill me. he is a very handsome man, by the way. >> really?
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>> oh like you didn't notice. >> you don't have a 2010 felix baumgartner calendar? that was the best selling calendar. >> july was my favorite because it was hot and he had to take everything off. from skydives to second tries. can a town hall stop this free fall? the campaign advisor says the president will go agro in tuesday night's town hall -style debate. his numbers have dropped and it shows him down five points in the top battleground states. but it is not all bad for barak. 49% of voters would rather leave a child with the president than romney. a 13-point jump for obama. also importantly 60% of voters think they are more likely to go bungee jumping. >> so what can we expect in tuesday's debate? mike michael son is live from austria university with a
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preview. what can you tell us? >> thanks, greg. i am here on long island where the presidential debate will be taking place. and after obama's lack luster performance a few weeks ago, campaign officials say he will come out showing. here is david axelrod. is the sound byte playing? i can't tell. meanwhile romney campaign advisor ed gillespie says romney was prepared for the attack. is this one playing out? >> yes. >> okay, good.
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>> and there you have it. it should be a really exciting debate tomorrow. back to you, greg. >> you know it is hofstra because he has the website up on the computer. that was really good. >> it makes it legit. >> why is he working here? they want obama to baby-sit their kids, but not their country. is that good or bad? >> that's not something we need in a president whether or not he is a better baby-sitter, or whether or not he is more likely to skydive. it is not something they need in a president. i do think obama i will will come out -- will come out swinging. >> meaning he will date other women while he is married? i don't think america would go for that. >> i think it was clear he didn't do his homework last time and i don't expect the same mistake twice. >> he seemed lack luster and he seemed a little tired. >> yes, because he is the
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president. you would be tired if you were president. >> i don't want a candidate who is so fresh and ready to go and up on his facts in the debate. he had so much time to study. this is the president. he is lucky he even showed up for the debate. he could have been like, i am the president. i don't have time for this stuff. >> that's a fair point. >> he went sightseeing the day before. >> that's true. >> he was at hoover dam collecting scientific information. >> he was on "the view." >> i think we are missing the larger picture here. i think the strategy was a brilliant strategy. all he had to do was come out and beat expectations that if he doesn't look like the worst debater of all time he wins the debate and the expectations game. >> bill, what do you make of this? is it possible that he set the barlow on that first debate on purpose? >> perhaps. i don't know what the word possible is or what bar you
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speak of. i will agree. a lot of people are wondering what candy crowley's rules s. the town hall for the people will be asking the question. i think she is a median, a thing that separates the people from the candidates. she can't ask questions and that is not going to happen. she can explain to people that may be ill informed what they are talking about and what certain things means. for example, mexico is not a capital of texas. bane is a company rather than a person with an oxygen mask who threatens got them. gothem. >> i don't think she is allowed according to her rules. the only thing she is allowed to do is poit, you, your question. >> and can a woman named candy even do that? >> i think her parents must have had a delightful personality. jay i would go by candice. >> they could have named her ice cream. >> that would be preferable. what is a town without ice cream? this is a town hall. >> this is an interesting debate for obama to be coming
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from and where everyone is expecting him to be aggressive because it is formated in such a way. they agreed to play nice for lack of a better description. they can't even talk directly to each other. i am not sure how he will be so aggressive. >> it is a format or a bormat. >> oh nice. >> and candy be their doormat? >> candy is a nickname. her real first name is the entire lyrics to the song "candy man qats. "candy man." >> oh my word. now we know how she was conceived. >> are you terrible. from town hall advice to putting customer -- town hall advice to putting kermit on ice. in the wake, they plan to end government funding and by default sesame street. the 43-year-old animation executive already bought the
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million muppet march when he discovered the 46-year-old university student in idaho -- >> well that tells you everything you need to know. >> he created the same facebook page with the same name. now look at this. let that wash over you for a moment. a 46-year-old -- >> sorry. >> that is okay. we all think the same here. will he ever find the time to do this? who knows? they will make the puppet protest happen. lots of friends will pound the pavement and the anticipation of whatever. they unveiled their latest children's program. >> break the jar, break the jar. >> i think i'm on board for cat in the jar. you are a father, right this.
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>> i believe. >> will this million -- >> two white babies. >> do you think this is a huge protest? would you be comfortable going there? >> i am curious to see how many muppets show up. how many muppets are there? i can think of four, five? >> the two old guys, the guy in the garbage can, the two gay men , ernie and burt. that's all i have. >> the count. >> and big bird is not a muppet. >> that's the thing, none are muppets. >> big bird is a guy. >> they are all of the mop pell gene. muppet, but not of the muppet gene. >> they are not on the muppet show. >> let me preempt andy from getting into this, it was all jim henson and it falls under the muppet category. when they say it will be a million muppet march what will we be seeing? >> i don't know. you mentioned jim henson.
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i think it is more like george storos. >> i don't know why. >> that's the one pulling the strings of these muppets. >> the muppet #r*z fisted. they are not marionettes. >> that's why bill technically is a muppet. >> i am going dressed as one. joy the big story here as we all noticed is the creation of a 46-year-old college student. >> doesn't that make sense? >> i want to know the crossover between this and the membership. >> how dare you, sir? how dare you? >> i think on a larger political point, it is a small part of the budget, $500 million, but if we can't agree on cutting the funding to pbs in order to trim the budget, what can we agree on? >> people don't get it. if the government cuts funding
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that means pbs will stop working. they will get picked up by private networks and we won't have to pay for them. >> have you been to sesame place? >> yes. >> pretty impressive. >> and also let's remember that the north american muppet big bird love association. >> i do not want to smear the muppets with your perversion. >> smearing is part of it. >> why did i use that verb? i guess i deserved it. we have to take a break. boy, we went through those topics. what happens when you do donkey squads in -- squats in the nude with another man? it is something i was asked in the hallway. strange. but first, what is ron jeremy's public service announcement? he will look great while doing it.
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well, they booed the owner of youtube. on monday 10,000 muslims protested outside the london offices of google, an internet destination in an effort to get the internet giant to take down the anti-islam film. they denounced an age of mockery with the organizer noting, quote, the film is not freedom of expression. there is a limit for that. the insults to the prophet will not be allowed. ed ad -- added one of the speakers, it is not just those who kill human bodies, but human feeling. >> i have been saying that for years. >> and the maker terrorized 1.6 billion people. organizers like google are key players and have to take responsibility for saville tee. a youtube spokesperson said we create a community everyone can enjoy that enables people to express different opinions. what does cool dog think of is
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this? >> i think he is trying too hard to be cool. when you have to try that hard to be cool, you are not that cool. >> he didn't pick up the shades. he had a stylist select the shades. it is his attitude. he can't help but be cool. >> fire his stylist. >> they are planning more and more bigger protests. will this die down or get worse? >> it is disgusting. why aren't they protesting the death of christopher stevens. why aren't they protesting the holocaust at every turn. >> it is in libya, not in the west. >> count me as someone where there is no mockery. a lot of these people are
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immigrants from the muslim world which is an anti-modern society at this point and the very reasons of trying to squash freedoms of expression. perhaps they shouldn't be squashing something that has allowed the west to thrive and they want to come here. >> diane, should google take down the video? >> no, i don't think so. one of the things they said was mohamed was a believer in free speech. they were telling people why there were so many misconceptions. but by being violent and being intolerant, they are perpetuating the stereo type that they are complaining is portrayed in this video. you use the free speech by trying to squash other people. one of the quotes from the protesters said hurting feelings is a kind of terrorism. i see you as a feelings or an emotional terrorist. they are talking about you. aren't they talking about you? >> if you had gone through the middle school experience i went through, you would agree with what they were saying.
12:25 am
take it down. >> this is a good point. there is no age of mockery. ther for boys it is about 14 to 20. and for girls it is 12 until death. and it is usually other women they are mocking. >> they should take down all videos of women. >> thank you. thank you. >> and the video itself, it is not like it is this well produced and really persuasive -- >> now you are a movie critic. you are on fox business and you have political issues. jay don't even worry about that. >> nobody knows high level showbiz stuff like me. >> i was in los angeles. >> i was. >> i was the only one -- >> the video looks like a bad middle school play. even their beards are particularly falling off. nobody would have seen this thing. >> who said it was negative? nobody has seen it. >> i have seen it. >> it was negative, but it was stupid. >> what did we learn when we were kids from our parents? sticks and stones.
12:26 am
they learned the opposite. >> sticks and stones breaking bones. >> they have 50%. >> somebody has to teachers and sticks and stones break my bones. >> i feel like everybody is so thin skinked now. the second they feel the slightest bit offended they go into a protest of some sort. >> i object. >> are you doing a book tour. >> it is called the joy of hate. it is about how people are outraged or how they fake outrage. >> thank you for allowing me to plug it. >> all right, my friend. e-mail us at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something not boring? go to fox eye and click on video. we might use. it still to come, andy levy. he is offensive. ban him. >> to night's half time report is sponsored by soccer. the silly game in which two teams of 11 players try to
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score by kicking a ball into a net of either end of a rectangular field. thanks, soccer.
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we are back. let's see if we have anything wrong. how is your paper, andy? >> it is good. shuffles well. space jump, greg, you said balm garth neither jumped from 128,000 feet in the air.
12:31 am
>> yes. >> that's 24 miles. >> so maybe it was more magestic than i thought. >> possibly. and he failed to break the record by 17 seconds. the guy who holds that record was balm garth neither's -- baumgartner's capsule communicator. that makes sense. when he said -- it was weird at the time, go ahead and pulled your chute now. you have the free fall record. he kind of screwed him over. >> that was brutal. >> they are rivals. >> clearly. >> it is a tough business. >> they are like "top gun" jie. they will never work together again. >> i would rather him say too soon than too late. pull your chute. >> i was joking, by the way. >> he didn't say that. >> you take that stair, andy.
12:32 am
>> he didn't say that. >> i didn't say anything wrong so stop and move along. >> you say this is nothing but gravity doing its job. i go further, why is it a space jump? it is a space fall. it was not a jump. >> i didn't name it. >> i feel like you had something to do. >> did you see my twitter joke about it? >> probably not. >> poised over my bowl and about to take a space dump. >> i'm sorry i missed that one. >> it bears repeating, i must say. >> diane, you wanted to know how many explatives baumgartner yelled on the way down? >> yes. >> 384. >> six short of the record i said back in 2009 riding the merry go round at six flags. >> wonderful. >> scary. >> impressive. >> it goes fast. i got dizzy. >> and i told you you had
12:33 am
eaten too much, but you wouldn't listen to me. >> and i should have sat on the white horsy on the inside. i would have been better served. >> it was a mess. >> jaime, you think this will be quickly forgotten and, bill, you don't think anything scientific will come from it. red bull says it will benefit the scientific community and will develop spacesuits and establish viable space crew and state-of-the-art safety systems. all of which has great importance to the booming space tourism industry. >> and ensures that red bull does not give you wings. >> if red bull says it has scientific value, i believe it. >> i don't believe it at all. >> everyone from red bull is on red bull. have you ever talked to anyone? they would say anything and very quickly. >> this is coming from bill, by the way.
12:34 am
>> you know what though? it could be helpful for plane disasters. what if every passenger had a light weight parachute? >> the plane is going down. >> in which case the parachute will not do you much good. >> i guess you are right. >> technically where it stops is where it crashes. >> or why not watch a warner brothers cartoon and he jumps out before he hits the ground. >> that doesn't work. >> michael, there was not a ladder had baumgartner backed out. >> there wasn't? >> no. i believe he could have come down in the capsule up to a certain point. >> i was misinformed. i thought there was a 120,000 foot ladder. and i thought each foot had a
12:35 am
knot and on each a little bandanna. >> i like a man who can admit he is wrong. >> you are surprised it was only 800 miles an hour? >> yes, you were. >> that seems low. >> you can go 200 in a car. not that much more. >> there is a reason we have been able to break the sound barrier as opposed to the speed of light. it is breakable. >> good to know. >> are there any other things we need to break? >> i can think of several. >> by the way, sunday, the day of the space jump was the anniversary of chuck jgar being the first person to break the speed of sound. he celebrated by doing it again at the age of 89. >> mr. facts. >> tuesday night's debate. diane, you didn't say a president would be a good baby-sitter. but wouldn't you say they would want the government to take care of them. >> maybe some of them are.
12:36 am
that's absolutely right. >> i just want a president who will cuddle me. >> go to sleep. >> little michael. >> you are an adult baby. >> do i like to wear a diaper? >> bill, it is candy crowley and not crowley. >> i have more issue with the candy part. >> that's not a nickname. that's her real name. it is candy crowley. >> i wonder if she went so high. candy, you don't have a lot of high expectations. she super seeded them. >> candy is not her reported name. >> they didn't know when she was born it would be in her experience. >> anything with andy in it, it is pretty bad.
12:37 am
misinformed. googles his info, sorry, hers. >> michael, you poo-pooed the march because one is a 46-year-old student. chris meecham is a writer who was studying at boise state because he was interested in health care policy. >> i get my information from this guy. whatever he tells me, i believe. >> that is true. >> you give me information before the show, i don't read. it i just show up. i am not getting paid to read your information. >> wait, what is the difference in what he said and what you said? >> i was just pointing out -- >> he has a job. >> he is a writer and he is taking -- he became a student because he is interested in health care policy. >> he is a writer who is studying something. >> he is a student because he is a writer. anyone can write something. has he made money off of it? >> in a sense aren't we all
12:38 am
students? >> that's a great point. >> michael is correct the characters are muppets. in fact in 2004 disney company bought the muppets from jim henson company, but that did not apply to the characters on "sesame street" because they are owned by sesame workshop. >> but they are muppets ? >> they are muppets. >> i stand corrected. they need to have a rumble. >> big bird is not a muppet. >> big bird himself is not a muppet. >> is that because it is a person in a suit? >> you can't be a muppet and be inside something. >> speak for yourself. >> i have a collection of videos that would contridict you. >> those are not authorized, i might add. >> i didn't say they were authorized. >> by jim henson or me. >> the costumes are poorly, poorly put together. >> i did the best i could with the resources i had.
12:39 am
>> hurt and bernie are not children's characters. by the way, the article says they may fall short of attracting a million people to the event. good call. you said you think this is disgusting which i agree with. we are looking to ban this film. there is a limit to that. the insult will not be allowed. there is no way for us to make common cause for people like that, is there? >> you cannot have a society where you cannot insult just one fpg. everybody -- insult just one person. that's why the west has prospered, the value of free speech and it opens creativity in a lot of things that help you succeed in what we have today jie. that wasn't funny at all. >> lastly, diane, you said by being violent they are hurting their cause. this particular protest is not violent as of yet.
12:40 am
>> the specific protest. but it is still intolerant. and obviously plenty of violence in other parts of the world for the same video and for the same cause. >> freedom of expression to be intolerant. they are freely expression their intolerance. perfectly accept -- acceptable. >> that's not what you said before the show. >> back to you, greg. >> thank you, andy. >> it would never end. >> sometimes it goes on and on and on. coming up, should attractive people not have to pay highway tolls? diane macedo discusses the book, how to fix america. but first, what is brad pitt up to now? 20 or 21 kids. either way you know that many runts made him dead inside. oh the simple pleasures.
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is the porn industry moving to north dakota?
12:44 am
it could happen. the health care foundation would require all porn performers to wear condoms for movies made in l.a., short for los angeles, and it could drive them to a less regulation prone state. they say it would frequent testing and the relatively low rate of hiv among workers. their work is safe. they have no idea -- have i no idea who these people are, by the way, explain it in a psa. >> every day on average 12 people lose their lives by simply doing their job. >> since the year 2000 over 60,000 americans have died on the job. only six performers tested hiv positive in the same 12 years. >> performers are required to test for hiv and std's every 14 to 28 days in order to work. a mandatory condom law will
12:45 am
not make our workplace any safer, but it will drive our $20 billion industry and 10,000 jobs out of l.a. county. >> frightening. couldn't they have found somebody better looking for this? let's leave her out of this. we'll discuss it in the -- >> lightning roooooouuuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> diana, forget how you feel about porn for the moment. i know you love. it could this crush california's economy? >> i think california needs all of the help it can get right now. they are grown adults. if they want to make that choice, they should be allowed to do that. >> all right. i will ask you, michael, as an actor do you ever meet a sound guy who got his start working on porn sets? is it an important training ground for real films that you have starred in? >> as a freshman at nyu when i was studying acting, one of the classes that we took in addition to movement and voice and whatever is sluffing.
12:46 am
there is a porn right of passage for every young actor to go through. i got an "a requests. an "a" but that was because my used aloe vera and that is my secret. >> you have such a youthful glow. >> there are proteins that are very, very good for the face. >> jaime, do you buy these stat when's they talk about workplace deaths compared to theirs? >> i don't care. they are two porn stars discussing numbers. i agree if people want to engage in this, let them be. >> this is the great thing about american politics. >> go ahead. >> proceed.
12:47 am
>> bill, you starred in many adult films, mostly german. i hate to ask you what your thoughts are. >> my thoughts are just -- why must we continue to put this man who is a porn star 40 years ago and 50 pounds ago. why not regular cameo things. i don't understand where the director is like, people are going to listen to us if we have tara patrick and ron jeremy. not just have ron jeremy. have him on paxil. he ain't all there, and and he is not feeling pain. >> i thought that was danny devito. now it makes sense, ron jeremy. >> it is scary when danny devito is better looking than ron jeremy. >> and has a better best for men view. when we come back, we will talk about something or maybe two things.
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last topic. on sunday, chanel rolled out
12:52 am
the newest add for the signature number 5 perfume. a fragrance i am wearing at this moment. it stars brad pitt in what are describing an awesome 30 seconds of awesomeness. yes, crap. rope the tape, tape roller -- roll the tape, tape rollers. >> it is not a journey. every journey begins, but we go on. the world turns and we turn with it. plans disappear. dreams take over. wherever i go, there you are. my look -- my luck, my fate, my fortune. chanel number 5, inevitable. >> inevitable indeed. are you mad you are not asked to be in this? could you have done as good as mr. pit? are you okay right now? >> when i additioned for this
12:53 am
commercial, it came down to me and brad. in the end i turned it down. inep tau tude -- ineptitude. >> $7 million, diane, $7 million. it is worth every penny. >> i would do that commercial for $7 million. >> you were not asked. was it worth it? >> it was worth it for chanel? he looks so sad. i don't want to buy the perfume if it will make me dreary and make me reflect on the fact my journey is almost over. >> you didn't listen. the journey is never ending. why bothering though? you just focus on the facial hair jie. what was his motivation for staring in this? >> the $7 million he gets to feed his family. for some reason i guess he
12:54 am
doesn't mind. >> the web has made it so it doesn't stay in japan. it is now everywhere. i happen to believe that was one of the most beautiful ad easy have ever seen. >> brad pitt is a very good actor. it seemed like he wanted everybody to know, i am not really that into this. >> it looked like he was almost making fun of it. >> yes, he was mocking it a little bit. >> it made me think, way to go, brad. if you watch it again. i watched it tort or 50 times -- 40 or 50 times in preparing for this. you notice a slight glint, a slight smirk as he is doing this commercial. >> i will watch it a couple more times tonight before i go to bed. bill, makes you feel sad about your life, doesn't it? >> i would have done it for $7. i need the cash. he doesn't. why couldn't he have taken $6 million with a little creative input. here is the thing, he is buddies with george clooney. as we all know george clooney likes to have a good time, specifically pranks.
12:55 am
he will put this on a loop and whatever party brad pitt hosts next he will put it in there. everybody will laugh, except brad. it is a journey. >> it is a journey. a never ending journey. this journey is almost coming to a close. see how i did that? >> it was great until you said, see how i did that? >> tomorrow we will do the same segment tomorrow. but tomorrow we are not having a segment because of the debate. go to fox eye.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
ace mentioned we have no -- as i mentioned we have no show tomorrow because of the presidential debate. i will be there for "the five," a show on in the afternoon. but coming up wednesday on the next "red eye" we have tucker carlson, lori rothman and gary johnson. he will be pissed.
12:59 am
back to andy levy for a post game wrap up jie. michael, what are you up to next week? >> all next week, excited to announce i will be making out with your mom. two shows on friday and two on saturday. >> wow. >> you think that is funny 1234*. >> that because i have done it before and it is not funny. >> we'll talk after the show. >> diane, i hear you are hosting fox news live? >> from 11:00 to 11:30. you can watch me on fox live from 11 to 11:30. >> very cool. >> that's on-line, people. >> jaime, how did the book do? >> doing well, but it could do better. everyone go out and purchase it, and then tweet about it. we want to make the lizard king a national success. >> all right. >> tweeting doesn't help. >> it doesn't.

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